Without naming specific companies, a senior banking official said that regulators were looking into the affairs of large companies that could trouble Chinese banks.

Mark Schiefelbein/Associated Press

The company said foreign production was needed to make its models more affordable overseas. Its plan for a plant would require a Chinese partner.

More than 1,000 workers supported a petition asking the company’s board to bring back the former chief in an active role.

At a Chicago hotel on Tuesday, two venture capitalists presented Mr. Kalanick with a list of demands, including his resignation by the end of the day.

Start-up financiers have deferred boardroom control to founders in recent years. Travis Kalanick’s ouster indicates that could be changing.

News Analysis

With Travis Kalanick out as Uber’s chief executive, the company has a chance to improve its treatment of drivers. An option for tipping drivers is a start.

Tech Fix

The company has been dogged by scandal for months. One response: changes to its all-important app.

The banking system has an even larger capital cushion than it did last year, which may increase calls for looser regulations.

The Journal fired Jay Solomon, the paper’s chief foreign affairs correspondent, after being shown evidence of a possible business entanglement with a key source.

Berkshire Hathaway, run by Mr. Buffett, agreed to buy a stake in Home Capital, which has struggled amid accusations of fraud.

Creative Planning is at the vanguard of a profound shift in finance — from firms peddling products for a fee toward independent, low-cost advice.

The unsolicited approach comes amid criticism from United States carriers that Persian Gulf competitors have an unfair advantage.

The former hedge fund manager, vilified by the public and politicians after increasing the price of a prescription drug, is facing eight counts of securities and wire fraud.

He raised a drug’s price to nearly $750 a pill from $13.50 and became the smirking symbol of drug industry greed. He is to be tried on fraud charges.

Homeland Security is introducing a $1.5 million contest to build artificial intelligence that can identify concealed items in body scans at airports.

A program meant to reward people who take public service jobs for 10 years by erasing their student debts is riddled with problems, a new report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau concludes.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s becoming heir to the throne makes him an even more influential voice in global oil circles.

Common Sense

Burton Malkiel, author of “A Random Walk Down Wall Street,” says looking for market inefficiencies can beat passive investing, which he long endorsed.

In May, a so-called ransomware attack hit computers in over 150 countries. But two weeks earlier, one security expert found something a lot worse.

State of the Art

In a nation where politics have grown pitched, such campaigns suddenly feel like the most effective political action many of us can take.

The father of the basketball star Lonzo Ball has taken an assertive role in his son’s career, reflecting a larger trend as millennials come of age.

We asked readers to send us their stories about being a helicopter parent, having such a parent or seeing the phenomenon play out in their workplace.

The video gaming industry continues to pour money and resources into virtual reality, cementing its development and advancement.


European carmakers and suppliers are trying to build the computing capacity they will need as vehicles digitize and become driverless.


Toyota’s second try at a plug-in hybrid more than doubles the electric range. Just make sure to crunch the numbers before passing on the competition.

European Union regulations protecting consumers and preserving culinary cultures often create tension, sometimes even with the United States.

Tech We're Using

The Times’s security experts suggest keeping all software up to date and using two-factor authentication and password managers to protect your privacy.

Editors’ Picks

They are influencing what students learn, and how teachers teach — with millions of children serving as de facto beta testers for their ideas.

It’s tricky to store energy on an industrial scale, but engineers have devised clever workarounds.

For five-figure annual fees, boutique medical services offer the wealthiest Americans the chance to cut the line and receive the best treatment.

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